I am a property owner DAS

Increasing capacity and coverage.

Stadiums, stations, subway or train stations need good coverage

Traditionally, mobile operators looking to increase their capacity and coverage within a facility (such as a stadium, airport, train station, shopping mall, campus or large building) have asked facility owners to install a distributed antenna system (DAS).

But as mobile users demand more and more bandwidth, demand for DAS systems is outstripping supply. Facility users have begun to view mobile coverage as a necessity rather than a convenience.

Taking charge of mobile coverage allows facility owners to increase the value of their assets. As facilities evolve, public connectivity increases. Wi-Fi alone is usually insufficient. Facility owners and managers know that they will lose customers if mobile coverage is poor, and Wi-Fi alone cannot meet the bandwidth needs of most high-traffic locations.

A win-win-win solution.

You have a private network

If you are fortunate enough to already have a private network (DAS) in your facility, TIP is willing to pay a high upfront amount (lease premium) and manage your DAS lease or license.

You want a private network

If you own or operate a facility but do not yet have a private network (DAS), TIP offers a win-win-win solution. TIP will cover all upfront capital costs and help you get the necessary utility to improve the value and marketability of your facility. Your customers will be able to use their smartphones the way they expect. And mobile operators will profit from leasing access to the system.