Client Testimonials

Rather than mere investors, we are long-term partners and advisors.

It’s all about trust.

Property owners world-wide are recognising the uniqueness of our “professional services” approach:

“We had been looking to sell our Telecoms mast for some time as the market for rentals was declining drastically. We were approached by several companies but decided to go with TIP as they appeared very professional and knowledgeable within their field. Your Vice President in the UK managed our sale from the start and made the whole process go very smoothly from the initial valuation to the transfer of the lease and completion. The funds were paid promptly at the end of the sale. Their service and expertise was second to none and we would recommend TIP to anyone selling their mast.” –  Secretary, Cricket Club, North of England

“My experience with Telecom Infrastructure Partners has been very positive. Despite the fact that we had other similar proposals for a long time, [TIP]  really understood what we needed and worked hard to get us the essential bank consent to carry out the transaction. This was something that the other companies that contacted me before never cared about. With this capitalization we have obtained to secure money for possible unforeseen events in the future, I recommend this option to others who have mobile infrastructure on their lands, particularly if they need capital and want to deal with a formal and serious company that worries about reaching an agreement that works for both parties.” – TIP Client, Madrid, Spain

“TIP France approached me concerning the relay antenna that I was hosting on my land. I had already been approached several times in this direction, on the contrary this time was honest, direct and transparent. I was initially quite skeptical. However, after many friendly exchanges with the investment development manager, he professionally made me aware of the common interest in selling him my telecommunications lease while there was still time”

This type of transaction requires expert knowledge. TIP made sure everything was in place to ensure the transaction went smoothly and that made the difference. In summary, I benefited from a great financial operation………..”

I thank your Investment and Development manager again for his know-how, his professionalism and his understanding but also TIP France for their total transparency.” – TIP Client, France

“I contacted Telecom Infrastructure Partners when I received a letter about my mobile mast, I had some meetings with one of the IDMs from TIP. I was informed about the advantages and disadvantages of selling my rental income. We found a good “North Jutland solution” that we were both satisfied with. I can recommend meeting with a TIP IDM.” – TIP Client, Denmark

“As the owner of land with a mobile operator’s transmitter, I have been contacted many times with an interest in selling this land. This company was the first to make an interesting offer, they took care of pricing, contract, complete service. I recommend TIP.” – TIP Client, Czech Republic

“Just a note of thanks for making the sale of our mast to your company an easy and fruitful process.  Whilst the annual rental amount was always a nice event, the lump sum payment from TIP for the site means we can undertake a retirement project without a financing requirement.  It also simplifies our tax regime and removes uncertainty over lease continuity.  An all-round winner.” – UK Client, South East England

“Dealing with TIP has been fruitful from the beginning. The capitalization has helped us to balance the company’s treasury, and despite having more proposals on the table, TIP gave us the highest in the market. Satisfied with the agreement. “ – TIP Client, Zaragoza, Spain

“I was contacted by [an IDM] from Telecom Infrastructure Partners (TIP) regarding a sale of the rental income from my mobile mast. I held several good meetings with the IDM. They told me about the advantages of selling off my future rental income for a larger amount of cash now My interest was particularly piqued when we looked into my options for reinvesting the purchase price paid, and yes, I could see some great advantages, and then I could see many good reasons to accept the offer! So, I advise other landowners to: reinvest the money and get a better return. I think we found a good solution, which I am very satisfied with, as the payment was in my bank account 2 days after the contract was signed. I highly recommend having a meeting with TIP.” – TIP Client, Denmark

“I have had a very good experience dealing with your company. The team  was professional and my matter was handled to my complete satisfaction. I recommend that you work with this company.” – TIP Client, Czech Republic

‘’I received a letter from TIP asking if I was interested in selling the lease and I got in touch with them. My contact at TIP, managed my expectations throughout, from initial valuation to the legal transfer of the lease and completion. The service from TIP was first class, everything went very smoothly. I would recommend TIP to anyone seeking to sell their mast site.’’ – Town Centre landlord, North of England

“From TIP they explained to us very well the possibilities and advantages of capitalizing in a realistic and empathetic way. In our neighbourhood meeting they helped us reach a good agreement, also dispelling fears and uncertainties that some owners had with the operation. With the money from the capitalization we will be able to save a part for structural repairs of the building and in cases of non-payment, as well as we will also distribute a portion among all the owners. Happy and satisfied with TIP’s professionalism and the support we received.” – TIP Client, Spain

“Happy and fully satisfied in dealing with TIP, especially with the manager who led the operation, since he gave us a lot of confidence from the beginning and was agile in the way they worked. In addition, he offered us a personalized treatment and we managed to close a very satisfactory economic capitalization with which we can create a reliable income in the future.” – TIP Client, Alicante, Spain

“Thanks to the capitalization with TIP we have been able to gather cash and reinvest part of that capital in the company itself. Despite having other proposals on the table, the close, transparent, and direct relationship with the investment manager made us finally opt for this company. The TIP team were always willing to find solutions on the fly to the obstacles that the operation presented. We are grateful for and happy with the deal we reached.” – TIP Client, Spain

“TIP has been diligent, fast and very kind. At first I did not plan to capitalize, but then I changed my mind because of the increase in the cost of money over time and that delegating the management of the contract made my life easier and more comfortable. Now I plan to invest this money in a property that I am rebuilding. I am happy and satisfied to have reached this agreement.” – TIP Client, Madrid, Spain

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