We buy your telecommunications antenna rental contract

Exchange your current income, which can easily disappear, for up-front cash. 

TIP invests in purchasing telecommunications infrastructure rental contracts from the owners, paying high amounts in advance. 

As an international investment group present in Europe, Latin America and Asia, Telecom Infrastructure Partners offers the owners of mobile phone telecommunications antenna sites financial solutions for their lease contracts.
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Capitalize income. A smart choice.

Take control. Don't leave your money in the hands of third parties.

Discover in 1 minute how to obtain a large amount of cash by selling the rights to your rental contract to Telecom Infrastructure Partners.

The uncertainty of antennae


Eliminates the risk of antenna disappearance and rent reductions. Your rental contract can be canceled at any time by the operator, stopping you from receiving your rent and limiting your economic capacity. These are some of the causes of cancellation that appear in your contract:

Unilateral cancellation
of the contract
of the antenna
Forced rent reductions
End of your contract

We are investors, we are passionate about numbers

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We take care of the entire process together

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Eliminate risks, raise capital

Learn how some owners who have capitalized their income value working together with TIP, the benefits obtained, the risks they have left behind and how the capital received has helped them in their personal or professional finances.


Eliminate risks, raise capital

Learn how some owners who have capitalized their income value working together with TIP, the benefits obtained, the risks they have left behind and how the capital received has helped them in their personal or professional finances.
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Do you want to know how much your contract is worth?

Envíanos tu correo electrónico, teléfono de contacto y provincia donde tienes tu emplazamiento y nos pondremos en contacto contigo. Si prefieres agilizar la cotización, adjunta a tu correo el contrato de alquiler inicial junto con los anexos que dispongas y las últimas facturas de pago recibidas.


Your testimonials are our greatest endorsement.

Mario FijalkowskiGeneral Manager Hotel Radisson Blu, Gran Canaria
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"Excellent in every way. We are fully satisfied with our business relationship with Telecom Infrastructure Partners. They were fast, very good in dealing with us and we always enjoyed very fluid communication. Their capitalization gave us the necessary liquidity to return with greater economic strength after the ravages of Covid, recommending this option to other owners who have that opportunity before them."
Maria ÁngelesFredirsa, Madrid
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“My experience with Telecom Infrastructure Partners has been very positive. Although we had had other similar proposals for a long time, Monica really understood what we needed and worked hard to get us the essential banking consent to carry out the transaction, something that the other companies that contacted me previously never worried about. With this capitalization we have managed to secure money for possible unforeseen events in the future, recommending other owners who have an antenna on their land to consider this option especially if they need capital and want to deal with a formal and serious company that cares about reaching the best mutual agreement."
Miguel EstevezMadrid
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"Dealing with Telecom Infrastructure Partners has been diligent, fast and very friendly. At first I had not planned to capitalize but then I changed my mind due to the increasing cost of money over time and the fact that delegating the management of the contract made my life easier and comfortable. Now I plan to invest this money in a property that I have that I am rebuilding. I am happy and satisfied to have reached this agreement."
Antonio Pio
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"From Telecom Infrastructure Partners they explained very well the possibilities and advantages of capitalizing in a realistic and empathetic way. At our neighborhood meeting they helped us reach a good agreement, also dispelling fears and uncertainties that some owners had with the operation. With the "We will be able to save a part of the capitalization money for structural reforms of the building and for cases of non-payment, as well as we will also distribute a portion among all the owners. Happy and satisfied with the professionalism and support received."
Pilar FiallegaSocolo Trucks - Parets del Valles
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"The relationship with Telecom Infrastructure Partners, from the moment we made contact to the closing of the usufruct transaction, has been easy, cordial and agile. They have understood our approaches and have made us a clear proposal in accordance with them, without surprises or problems. supervening experts."
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"Happy and fully satisfied in dealing with Telecom Infrastructure Partners, especially with Roger Brito, the manager who managed the operation, as he gave us a lot of confidence from the beginning and was agile in the procedures. In addition, he offered us personalized treatment and we achieved close a very satisfactory economic capitalization with which we ensure today an uncertain income in the future."
Pablo Inovare, Zaragoza
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"The deal with Telecom Infrastructure Partners has been fruitful from the beginning. Capitalization has helped us balance the company's treasury, and despite having more proposals on the table, TIP gave us the highest in the market. Satisfied with the agreement "


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