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Telecom Infrastructure Partners (TIP) will work with property owners, infrastructure companies and telecom operators alike to help them maximise the return on their leases.

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We pay property owners a large mast lease premium and we professionally manage their lease.

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Headquartered in London, we are opening offices in the world’s fourteen most attractive jurisdictions for mobile (cell) site and digital infrastructure lease investments (we are careful and selective). During our first year of operations we will start as follows:

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Why do telecom operators and infrastructure companies lease rather than buy space for their equipment?

Mobile networks require an ever-expanding number of locations (also knows as “cells”).  At first, networks grew along with their subscriber base.  Thereafter, successive technologies required densifying networks.  Telecom operators and infrastructure companies simply could not afford to buy rather than lease many thousands of cell sites.  Moreover, leasing space gives telecom operators and infrastructure companies much-needed flexibility: while networks will always require cell sites, the types of sites and their location might change.  For example, the fifth generation of networks (also knows as “5G”) often relies on small antennae (covering a small cell) which may be located on light poles or the walls of buildings.  Larger “macro” sites (the ones you see on masts, rooftops and structures) may be decommissioned.

What is the Third Wave in Telecom Infrastructure?

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