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Monetize your space! If you have a rental contract for mobile antennas on your land, roof, warehouse or garden, take advantage of this opportunity with Telecom Infrastructure Partners and obtain a substantial payment instantly.

Boost your profitability: capitalize your space with TIP

If you have a space rental contract for mobile antennas on your land, roof, warehouse or garden, you can capitalize it with Telecom Investment Partners and obtain a very important amount of money, in cash.

The usual thing, when rents are being collected for the rental of spaces for antennas, is to dedicate the money to cover expenses: The money disappears. By selling the contract to Telecom Investment Partners you exchange income for capital, receiving a significant amount of money with which to face:


Your testimonies are our greatest endorsement.

Maria ÁngelesFredirsa, Madrid
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“My experience with Telecom Investment Partners has been very positive. Even though we had had other similar proposals for a long time, Monica really understood what we needed and worked hard to get us the essential banking consent to carry out the transaction, something that the other companies that contacted me previously never worried about. With this capitalization we have managed to secure money for possible unforeseen events in the future, recommending other owners who have an antenna on their land to consider this option especially if they need capital and want to deal with a formal and serious company that cares about reaching the best mutual agreement."
Pilar FiallegaSocolo Trucks - Parets del Valles
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"The relationship with Telecom Investment Partners, from contact to the closing of the usufruct operation, has been easy, cordial and agile. They have understood our approaches and have made us a clear proposal in accordance with them, without surprises or bad things. supervening experts."
Pablo Inovare, Zaragoza
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"The deal with Telecom Investment Partners has been fruitful from the beginning. Capitalization has helped us balance the company's treasury, and despite having more proposals on the table, Telecom Investment Partners gave us the highest one in the market. Satisfied with the agreement."

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