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Our founder was instrumental in taking U.S.-style mobile site lease investing international, acquiring 6,000 leases.

We haven’t even started yet.

Telecom Infrastructure Partners (TIP) is a leading global telecommunications and digital infrastructure investment firm.  We offer recipients of rent for mobile (cell) sites or similar infrastructure a large, up-front cash payout and we professionally manage their lease.  In his prior company, established as Wireless Infrastructure Partners (WIP) in New York in 2009, our founder was first in taking U.S.-style mobile lease investing international. This was a logical step because while mobile site lease aggregators were competing over some 300,000 sites in the United States, the international market, which comprised several million sites, was wide open. In addition, Mr. Overman was a dual European/U.S. citizen, who had been born and raised in the Netherlands but had been educated as a professional in the United States (at Georgetown Law School and its School of Foreign Service). His prior investor went public after Mr. Overman oversaw the successful acquisition of approximately 6,000 leases. Supported by a commitment of up to $350M in equity from InfraBridge, TIP will, for the first time, provide Mr. Overman and his team with the ability to take full advantage of the Third Wave in Telecom Infrastructure.

Our Team

Core Values

If you want to learn, and grow, and succeed as a long-term investment and client service professional, look no further than TIP.

We Put People First
  • We Put People First.  We believe that there continues to be a need for a professional services culture in the mobile infrastructure investment space.  Just like lawyers and consultants we build long-term advisory relationships with our clients – property owners, infrastructure companies and mobile operators alike.  This is particularly true internationally, where trust is built slowly – and lost easily.  So rather than employees with a transactional (or “sales”) focus we hire people who are focused on long-term investments and long-term relationships.  If you want to learn, and grow, and succeed as a long-term investment and client service professional, look no further than TIP.
  • We Pursue Excellence.  Mobile infrastructure represents a material source of income to property owners and a critical strategic asset to infrastructure companies and mobile operators.  Our clients seek a long-term investment and advisory partnership with the thought leader in the space.  Our focus on providing excellent client service is relentless.
  • We Act with Authenticity.  At TIP, we think that who you are makes you better at what you do.  So first and foremost we want our people to be themselves.  We have found that, in a world replete with pretense and “fake news”, authenticity is a prized commodity among clients, investors and employees alike.  In fact, we think it is so rare that we view it as a competitive advantage.
  • We Act with Integrity.  We recognise that almost every decision we make, and every action we take, entails an ethical choice. As leaders in our industry we adhere to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, without fail, and without compromise.
  • We Embrace Change.  Our founder was first in taking U.S.-style mobile site lease investing international, first to Europe (his home continent) and then to Australia and Latin America.  Eric led his prior venture through ten years of consecutive growth, allowing his investor to go public.  At TIP we continue this exciting tradition of leadership in the industry, pursuing new asset classes and operating in new countries – with a laser focus on mobile and digital infrastructure.

You’re in Europe, we’re in Europe

Let’s build something great together!

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