I am a site owner

As the owner of a telecommunications antenna site, you are in luck. Telecom Infrastructure Partners offers you the option to buy your contract, receive a significant amount of money and forget about the permanent problems of its management.

I am a private owner

If you have a space rental contract for mobile antennas on your land, roof, warehouse or garden, you can capitalize it with Telecom Infrastructure Partners and obtain a very important amount of money, in cash.

I am a company

The opportunity to obtain financing for your company at 0 cost, without guarantees and without increased risk, exchanging uncertain income that contributes little to the company’s operations and finances for immediate capital.

I am a community of owners
What Community of Owners does not dream of having enough money to not pay fees again for years, undertake reforms and improvements that the property needs or distribute it among owners?
I am a property manager
As a Property Administration professional you have the opportunity to advise and help your clients to enjoy an economic capacity that allows them to live without worries, with their properties up to date and revalued.
I am a public body
City councils, public companies and Autonomous Communities have the opportunity to capitalize the income from the rental contracts of telecommunications sites installed on their land and properties.